Wigan and Leigh Housing Tenancy Agreement

If a tenant in the community dies, it may be possible for a husband/wife/life partner or other family member to take over the tenancy. This is called succession. If you want to pass on your rental to another person, this is called an assignment. You have the right to assign your tenancy if you are a safe or introductory tenant, although you are generally not allowed to do so if you intend to stay in the property. You can choose to become a roommate when two or more adults sign the lease and are collectively and individually responsible for the tenancy, including paying the rent. This means that if one of you stops paying the rent, the other person may be asked to pay everything, so there must be trust and cooperation between the tenants. If you get married, divorced, or decide to change your name through a deed survey, you can decide to change the name of your tenancy. To change your tenancy for any of the following reasons, you must: If there is a court order against you, we may not be able to change the name of your tenancy. Once a potential tenant has been found for your property, Sapphire Homes and our selected tenant referral provider will perform a full assessment. Whether you are a professional candidate, a student or a company, this service is designed to minimize risks and ensure the smooth running of the rental. Rental coverage and insurance services are also available and we can advise you on these additional products and services or supplement your low-cost package.

Maintenance, maintenance and repair of boilers, central heating systems and gas appliances throughout the Council`s portfolio. . Our pest control officers will deal with pests that affect public health and the well-being of households and businesses. If you are considering leaving us, you may find that we can help you if you have any problems. . For more information on pest control, visit the British Pest Control Association website The most important factor in renting a property is choosing an agent you can trust. Can you get property management for a cheaper monthly percentage? It`s quite possible! Can you get the same level of service and professionalism for a cheaper monthly percentage? We think this is very unlikely! “I am completely enthusiastic and impressed by the competence, speed and professional approach of your employees in their relationships, from the first contact to the successful solution.” Maintenance, maintenance and repair of boilers and central heating systems, installation of boilers, plumbing service and gas equipment for the rental of holiday homes. Wigan Council (“a data controller”) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Our core obligations and obligations are set out in the Privacy Policy (opens in a new window). There are two levels of service, namely the fully managed service, which ranges from 8% + VAT (if you put more than 20 properties under management) and 10% + VAT for detached and multifamily homes (less than 20). We also offer a renter-only service for those who wish to manage their own property, which is provided at a price of £540.00. The service that best suits your needs ultimately depends on your experience in renting and managing properties and also how much time you can afford to own.

In order to minimize the risk and spread of the coronavirus and ensure the safety of our employees and customers, Wigan Council will hold pest control appointments only for rats, mice, ants, fleas, bed bugs and wasps. Please use the booking system below to make an appointment. . We are experts in apartment rental and property management in Wigan and the surrounding area with over 800 properties under management and we pride ourselves on having a very strong business relationship with our landlords as we know how important it is to ensure that your property is in good hands and that you are advised fairly and professionally at all times. As a landlord, he has many responsibilities and whether he is managed or tenant only, we will always provide you with the safety laws in force and advise you on the necessary duty of care. This can range from gas safety, electrical safety, furniture and furnishing regulations, smoke detectors, energy efficiency certification to handling and registering the deposit in a state-approved system under the Housing Act 1998 (amended in 1996 and 2004). . For your safety and that of our agents, you must wear a protective face covering during our visit. Our staff will wear appropriate PPE (including a face covering and gloves), request space, and practice social distancing in accordance with applicable government guidelines.

Please stay at least 2 meters away from our agent. . We check contracts by hand, our accuracy is second to none. Contingency plans are in place to manage urgent appointments and we will continually review this situation and resume any suspended service as soon as possible. And a new addition that many private landlords have not yet become familiar with is the Immigration Act, which has been introduced and requires private sector landlords to review their tenants` right to rent. .

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